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Carat In Diamond vs. Karat In Gold - Know the Difference

The enthusiasts of high living have their personal favourites and some vow for gold, while others yearn for diamonds - both share one measurement: Carat / Karat. However, the meaning is different. It is a gauge of weight for diamonds and a test of purity for gold. Love Diamonds by Karina is here to help you decide which jewellery is the right one for you.

Difference between Carat and Karat

Carat and Karat are spellings that are used interchangeably in jewellery. While "Karat" can only refer to one of two things - that is gold purity, "Carat" can refer to either the weight of the diamond or the purity of the gold. The word "Carat" was first written before the word "karat". Later, the term "Karat" was used to differentiate between the weight of gemstones and the purity of gold.

To be more specific, when referring to diamonds, the term "Carat" describes how much weight the gemstones have when measured on specifically set scales. The term "Karat" (or also "Carat") is used to denote the amount of pure gold in parts of 24 relative to other metals in a piece of gold jewellery. The greater the Karat, the purer the gold is.

The origin of the term "Carat"

The seeds of the African Coral Tree, or kuara, were utilised in Africa as counterweights to weigh diamonds before scales and units of mass were invented. The name "carat" is derived from the carob bean kernel or the kuara seed or the Greek word "keration,". 0.20 grams and 100 points make up one carat. Therefore, 1 gram is equal to 5 carats. Precision is essential since even a small variation in carat size in the diamond industry results in a significant cost difference.

Gold Karat

Fine gold is defined as 24-karat gold (99.9% Gold w/w), 18-karat gold is 75% gold, 12-karat gold is 50% gold, and so on. Due to the relative softness of gold and the ease with which high-carat gold tends to be destroyed, 24-karat gold jewellery requires meticulous maintenance. Jewellery is typically made by combining gold with copper or silver. Jewellers create 22-karat jewellery and ornaments following official guidelines.

As a result, consider the significance of the carat while selecting your favourite piece of jewellery made of gold or diamonds.

Know your Gold with this Gold Purity Chart:

  • 24-Karat: 99.9%
  • 23-Karat: 95.8%
  • 22-Karat: 91.6%
  • 18-Karat: 75%
  • 14-Karat: 58.3%
  • 10-Karat: 41.7%

Each of the aforementioned types of gold is distinct and valuable in its own right. The only thing that matters, therefore, is that you make a purchase that is worthwhile because gold will still dazzle whether you choose to go for 10K or 24K. You should check Love Diamonds by Karina for collections if you yearn for wearing gold or diamond jewellery. You can choose from a large range of products on lovediamondsbykarina.com, so you're sure to discover something you'll enjoy.