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Custom jewellery designs are often created for special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations. They can also be used to commemorate important events in someone’s life, such as milestones, achievements, or even tragedies.

If you are looking at getting custom jewllery made, then you need not go through the hassle of searching 'jewllery stores near me' or 'the nearest jewellery shop' you can check out our jellwery store online and fill our Love Diamonds by Karina custom jewellery form.

We understand your needs

If you are lookng at getting custom made jewellery, ask yourself some basic important questions and ensure to discuss these with us. What is the occasion, what is your budget, and do you have an inspiration for the jewellery you have in mind ( We did design, earrings for one of our clients inspired by their love for the sea, a sea shell itself was converted into a pair of beautiful earrings). If you discuss with us what you have in mind we can make it a reality for you, and convert it into beautiful, exquisite, custom jewellery that you can falunt on your special day.

We take care of the finest details

Once you have discussed your idea with us. We will suggest you the right type of metal - yellow gold jewellery, white gold jewellery, platinum jewllery etc., stones to be used - diamonds, ruby, pearl, sapphire etc., and stone quality (Color, Shape, Size, Texture, Clarity, Cut, Carat weight, Gem quality, Price and Availability) and all the finer details that need to come together to add that sparkle to your jewellery piece.

We make sure that the finished product looks good and has the desired effect.

Adorn your custom jewellery piece in a stylish manner

The deatils you give, are first sketched using computer aided design software and the rendered view is then sent to you for your approval. Once you approve this design, then and only then will we go ahead with creating it. At love diamonds by Karina, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied;

So you can adorn your custom jewellery piece in a stylish manner.