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Polki, Kundan and Jadau take jewellery to the next level… and into the next generation

Team Love Diamonds by Karina

Jewellery always makes a statement. But only a few pieces write epics.

Like Polki for instance.

Carried into India by the Mughals and carved into signature styles in Rajasthan’s royal courts, Polki has been around the Indian jewellery scene for centuries.

Uncut, unfinished diamonds, with only their surfaces gently polished, are set in gold to make every piece of Polki jewellery unique and a guaranteed family heirloom.

There are three grades of Polki, identified interestingly by where they once came from: Syndicate, associated with De Beers in its heyday and today simply associated with being top grade, Zimbabwe, from the mines of the African country, and a middle grade, and Kilwas, considered a not-so-high grade for the fillers it tends to need to make it stand out.

You see, Polki diamonds are not like your regular cut and polished diamonds that are treated so that they sparkle and scream expensive. Polki doesn’t need to scream. It’s an old-world, quietly-grand statement that allows its royal heritage to do the talking.

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Where there is Polki, there is Jadau.

It’s the name given to the traditional technique of setting gold around the Polki or any other precious stone. Or even glass. “Jad” literally translates to embedded.

Riding into India along with Polki, this traditional jewellery artform has been preserved to almost original perfection by craftsmen in Rajasthan and Gujarat. For instance, the basic designs are drawn up by a group of artisans known as Chiterias, while the engravings and holes are made by Ghaarias.

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Today, Jadau jewellery isn’t restricted to just adding to the grandiose appeal of a bridal lehenga alone, but can also elevate an evening gown.

And then there’s Kundan. Once again, a form of jewellery made from gold, but usually with a core of wax.

This is because Kundan, which means pure gold, uses gold’s highest grade, 24K, which is soft and pliable and not the go-to for most jewellers who prefer working with the more manageable 22K.

So, whether it is the regal elegance of Polki diamonds or the traditional craftsmanship of Jadau and Kundan, step into Love Diamonds by Karina and choose your unique pieces of jewellery to make your grand statement as you also leave behind your legacy.