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Steps to getting your Custom Jewellery

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We believe that it is better for our customers to be able to discuss the dreams & desires directly to the master designers
Create your own custom jewellery designs using these easy step by step instructions.

Actualize Your Concept

After understanding your requirement, choosing a preferred metal and preferred stone, computer-generated renders of your concept will be created so you can see how your product will look and confirm the design.
Start with a design theme. You can use any color scheme you like, but keep in mind that certain colors work better than others when creating your own custom jewellery. For example, red works well for men, while blue works well for women.

Create Your Jewellery

Once you approve the design, our highly skilled craftsmen will work to get the design executed and give you a finished product.

Complete Design Process

From the mine to your hands, every piece of jewellery undergoes a complex process of development. It travels miles and passes through many hands before finally reaching you. Broadly the steps involved once you have selected your metal of choice and stone along with the basic concept/ design are as below

  • Step One

    Manual Design

    Hand sketched design for you to see and approve

  • Step Two

    3D CAD view

    Computerized sketch of the hand sketched design

  • Step Three

    Render View

    A three dimensional view of the jewellery

  • Step Four

    3d Rapid Prototype

    This is casting process to create a cast for the jewellery being designed

  • Step Five

    Metal Casting

    the process of making your custom jewellery by pouring molten metal into the created rapid prototype

  • Step Six

    Metal Mounting

    in this process mounts are made on the casted metal in-order to be able to set the stone/diamond

  • Step Seven

    Stone /Diamond Setting

    Your selected stones/ diamonds are carefully set in the above designed metal cast

  • Step Eight


    Voila, your beautiful custom jewellery is ready

Types of Designs

We at Love Diamonds by Karina meet a wide variety of customers, some who know exactly what they are looking for, some who have an idea of what they want, and some who just want to create something unique and personal. To demystify the process we have broken down our orders into three categories as below:

Create New

Create New

If you are the creative type and have a design of your own or have seen a style that has inspired you, we can help you to put your ideas into precious metals and gemstones.
Modify Existing

Modify Existing

If you have seen a design and want to customize it to their liking and a price point that meets your budget. Change the shape, size, or colour of the stone or desire an existing item to be sleeker, in a different more trending colour and so on, we are very happy to do so for you.
Replicate Jewellery

Replicate Jewellery

If you are looking to replicate a family heirloom, your great-grandmother’s antique jewellery, we understand the sentiment and can help you do so.